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Dallas Inc - Twitch Trade - Case Study

Twitch Trade

Real-time marketplace for Twitch Streamer Products

Market & Web

E Sports

Connecting fans and competitors have been done successfully in every other sport, with niche sports fans being more enthusiastic about their sports. TwitchTrade allows fans to learn about and buy the equipment their gamers are using.

To bring the idea to life, we created a landing page imagery that was dynamic and intuitive, with just the right amount of responsiveness. It has to be powerful and engaging.

Dallas Inc - Twitch Trade - Case Study

For streamers who want to exchange games and equipment.  For viewers who want to get the same products their favorite gamers use. We designed a trading interface that seamlessly merges with the interactive experience.

The main challenge was to create a platform that would facilitate trade through communication. To achieve this, we created a forum that conveys timeliness and urgency to spur frequent repeat visits. For a more user-friendly experience, we opted for dual navigation to surf threads. Easy and interactive individual topic threads keep visitors engaged with the site longer. The dark mode closely mimics Twitch's so fans can relate to the discussions in a familiar universe.

Game enthusiasts often use their phones to chat while watching streams on their computers. Keeping this in mind, we took special care to translate the ease and intuitiveness of the website on hand-held devices.

Dallas Inc - Twitch Trade - Case Study
Dallas Inc - Twitch Trade - Case Study
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