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Dallas Inc - The Comparison Company - Case Study


The Comparison Company allows one to buy all household utilities in one place, with one online profile, so you never have to enter your information again.

Digital & Web


With version one of the TCC website in place, what started as a simple review of the design quickly became an iconic website overhaul.  A refreshing interface was created  while keeping the core structure and functionality of the website  untouched. 

1. We integrated welcoming imagery to the landing page  to enhance the overall experience by keeping viewers' attention while simultaneously building an emotional foundation for the site.


2.  The old, slightly simpler icons were re-designed to visually unify the color story of the website with relevance to the utilities and capture our users' attention and direct them to the services.


3. With the thought that - the brain seeks simplicity, we removed any excess/confusing design element from the site so that our users can focus immediately on the content and offers offered by TCC.


4. We streamlined the process of getting users to complete the desired goal by incorporating a funneling framework for the new site.

5. The product listing page is more intuitive and grouped to allow users to search for the service they want to avail easily.

6. The new version uses white spaces, with a unique paragraph typography style, significantly improving the site's readability.


7. Its interface flows seamlessly from one section to another - without any barriers. Hence, the website requires little effort to the eyes and brain of the user, giving them the most comfortable experience as they traverse through.


8. UX tweaks were added to individual page templates to give users the feeling that they’re at home, they’re in the right place, and have exactly what they’re looking for. 


9. The new site is mapped on a grid that is consistent in the flow of interface and user - experience. It is not intended to surprise but to assist.


10.  Overall, the new version of TCC is sophisticated, modern, intuitive, and inline with current trends in terms of layout, iconography, typography, design elements, and style.


The brand language conveys a feeling of warmth, while its strong structure provides stability and seriousness.

Dallas Inc - The Comparison Company - Case Study
Dallas Inc - The Comparison Company - Case Study

Custom built on React Native, the site renders effortlessly into all screen resolutions of mobile and tablet platforms.

The website is laid out on an extremely adaptive grid designed to support panels of various sizes. The layout helps customize the site for all types of elements like product fields, testimonials, adverts etc., without breaking the layout and leading to a seamless overall experience.

Dallas Inc - The Comparison Company - Case Study
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