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Dallas Inc - Shoppr - Case Study


Your own personal shoppr for life

Brand & Web


Tell your trained personal Shoppr what you're looking for, and they will make recommendations on the local area and do the legwork for you. Using an in-built RTS (FaceTime) platform, it will be as though you're in the store.

Dallas Inc - Shoppr - Case Study

The consumer decision process also called the buyer decision process, helps markets identify how consumers complete the journey from knowing about a product to making the purchase decision. Understanding the buyer buying process was essential for both designing and marketing Shoppr.

Dallas Inc - Shoppr - Logo

By turning the logo’s negative space into usable space, we created a wordmark that didn't need many details to convey the message. It was creatively rewarding putting the negative space in the spotlight by using it to showcase the retail aspect of the business.

Dallas Inc - Shoppr - Case Study

We designed the interface design of Shoppr with the aim that personal sources are more important in influencing the purchase of services compared to commercial sources that normally inform the buyer. Our idea of bringing in a human touch to the overall design and personal sources legitimize or evaluate products for the buyer. You want to touch your product, and if it's not you on the counter, you'd want someone to touch it and tell you what the products look like, feels like, and emotes with you, not just an image or a testimonial.

Dallas Inc - Shoppr - Case Study

The design process involved how consumers interact with the information in hand, where a human touch evaluates said brands in their shopping basket.

While evaluating goods and services, different consumers use different mannerisms. The most important is that of being there in person. We designed the communication in a way where the customer feels at ease and values the trust of their personal shopper.

People evaluate the alternatives based on a product’s attributes, the degree of importance, belief in the brand, satisfaction, etc., to choose correctly and would gladly trust a fellow helper if they couldn't be there in the first place.

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