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Dallas Inc - Loc811- Case Study


Free, independent video and location verification of the dig site before work starts. Film before you dig and prove the site conditions to avoid litigation.

Status: Archived

App & Web

Dig site issues are nearly impossible to resolve after they have been dug. Many contractors will be forced to close for a utility issue they didn't cause & safety can also be a concern. At its core, after research, we established that the app needed an easy interface and first project setup process in order to bring in smaller companies. It had to be simple. 


Dallas Inc - Loc811- Case Study

We built a test prototype on a tablet, a breakpoint that project managers utilize in the field on construction sites large and small. We also made it for desktop since project managers rotate between the field, the work trailer, and the office.

10 of 10  users succeeded in creating a project. This included individuals who had never worked with our software, individuals who were tech-savvy, and individuals who were not. 

Dallas Inc - LOC811 Logo

The logo creatively incorporates the location icon into the wordmark to work as a  great way to identify the brand visually.

The basics of the Loc811 app are usability and functionality.

Beyond that, two important principles increase the likelihood and engagement of the Loc811 App; simplicity and familiarity.


Dallas Inc - LOC811 - Case Study
Dallas Inc - LOC811 - Case Study

Simplicity is vital because people perceive products that are simpler to use as higher quality and more usable.


Familiarity is essential because we like things that are familiar: familiarity helps support an established mindset about certain things.

Many construction company’s logos and aesthetics have a similar look and feel. For this project, we really wanted to differentiate Loc811 and give it a brand refresh that would enable it to stand out in the industry. We worked with the orange from the  logo and explored complementary secondary colors that included a muted grays and black. By incorporating a solid grid line aesthetic throughout the design, we ensured the new website preserved an established and professional tone.

The final app was easy to navigate and easily allows one to toggle between data and image mapping.  Once taken, the site image automatically fed in the data based on GPS coordinates.

 Dallas Inc remained with the project until 2021.

Dallas Inc - LOC811 - Case Study
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