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Dallas Inc - Little One Box _ Case Study

Little One Box

Little One Box celebrates kids' natural creativity and curiosity while helping parents who want to enrich their children’s experiences.

Digital & Web


Trying to find the perfect gift for your friends can be quite a challenge, especially if you’re planning on getting a present for a recently married couple. The idea was to design a website that would be very simple and easy to navigate. As a platform that was sprightly, it also needed to look like an upscale gift service site. Something that friends could gift newlyweds  for their change in lifestyle.

Dallas Inc - Little One Box _ Case Study

We wanted the landing imagery to evoke a kind-hearted, tender feeling. Something that would  make one joyous about buying something that would benefit a little one. Do you think it was an accident that it's bathed in pearly white?

Dallas Inc - Little One Box _ Logo Construction

We designed a hand-styled logo that illustrates that even fun kiddy logos are serious business.

Designed as a subscription gifting site, The Little One Box plays upon two facets:

1. It needs to present a classy, upbeat mood. Anyone using the gifting service should come across as thoughtful and not as a last minute-buyer.

2. It has to be minimalist for easy navigation, and users should get the idea of what the site has to offer within a few seconds.

Dallas Inc - Little One Box _ Case Study

We opted for Salem Green complemented with clusters of pop colours, to convey a friendly & trustworthy ambiance for parents and friends, but also to portray playfulness for children.

Dallas Inc - Little One Box _ Case Study for humbl studio.png
Dallas Inc - Little One Box -Case Study

While it is important to showcase the products, it is equally necessary that the user can breeze through them and make a purchase instantly. The takeaway is a sleek and clean subscription gift shop that appeals to both parents and friends. 

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