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Are you an Investor

We only work with great start ups, and they are great because we’ve helped them grow

We help you create a long-term business relationship with great enterprises across several domains and industries.


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Don’t pick random investments. Discover and invest in vetted businesses.

Setting up an investment isn’t cheap. It takes time and money to find the right person to work with, negotiate fees and find the right investment. We help invest in companies that you’re passionate about, while you build and grow your portfolio.

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How well is my investment doing?

Tracking financials is a pain. And it takes up so much of your time and is really hard on the eyes.We help you to easily track quarterly financial reports  and updates on revenue, expenses, and sales to ensure you're getting the returns you want.


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Be part of something where your profit is in proportional to your input

We enable you to become a part of a growing business where you receive a share of the businesses revenue. All you need to do is invest and as the business grows, so does your return!

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