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Dallas Inc - Humbl Drinks - Case Study

Humbl Drinks

Millenial focused drinks brand with a conscience.



A range of light-hearted, unpretentious, informative wines, seltzers & non-alcoholic drinks specifically for millennials and with a social conscience.

Dallas Inc - Humbl Drinks - Mascot in Motion.gif

The Mascot

We wanted to create a design that was refreshing with a trendy and witty new look. At the same time, we felt that it was important to create a brand mascot to preserve brand recognition.

Dallas Inc - Humbl Drinks - Case Study

To capture the vibe, we channeled the persona of the mascot into a fluid  identity.


By mixing different type styles and weights, the Humbl Drinks looks more dynamic, with great shelf presence. 

Carrying a fluid design aesthetic infused with a witty copy through to the label created a much more stylish and unique product experience that could easily translate into other products for the brand family.

Dallas Inc - Humbl Drinks - Case Study

The overall design allowed us to build a tone of voice and attitude while introducing various products with consistent branding styles uniquely and unforgettable.

Dallas Inc - Humbl Drinks - Case Study - Wine Packaging
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