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Dallas Inc - Dallas Help - Case Study

Dallas Help

As COVID hit small businesses really hard, the idea was to develop a repository of experienced people in the city who could help reeling businesses back on their feet. 

Service & Web


       Some of the major pain points we identified included:

  1. People felt they didn’t have enough time, money, and educational resources to contribute.

  2. People wanted to be more involved but were unsure where to start.

  3. People felt like they couldn’t make a difference on an individual level.

  4. People wanted to validate that the people they were helping were really in need.

Dallas Inc - Dallas Help - Case Study

To visualize the  experience from the user’s perspective, we created a series of user journey maps.  

We wanted these journey maps to illustrate potential scenarios where a user who wants to help could interact with the website, donate expertise or resources, and decide whether to get involved.

Dallas Inc - Dallas Help - Case Study

We created a bold, approachable, and high-impact design aligned to the colorful new brand identity to tell an optimistic human story that fosters a strong emotional connection with its audience rather than dwell on a business perspective.

Dallas Inc - Dallas Help - Case Study
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