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The Comparison Company acquisition by Dallas Inc

Dallas Inc is a consulting firm and private investment fund. We take new ideas to market extremely quickly, both for ourselves and for Clients.

Our “Start up as a Service” launch process is an intensive 30 day journey, at the end of which, a Founder gets the keys to their brand new startup. We regularly offer ongoing support with investment either internally or through introductions.

As part of that process we are building a technology portfolio that allows us to deploy new concepts without building custom software each time.

We stick very strongly to the mantra of getting an MVP to market as quickly as possible and to do this, you can’t spend time and money on new software without validation. If it turns out the market doesn’t want your idea, you’re in trouble, and it happens ALL the time.

Validating the idea as quickly and cheaply as possible is essential for any business.

For this reason, the toolkit that we have available to us and to our Clients is growing every month. “Supporting our highly effective services company with scalable software is the ideal situation for us.” Charlie Lass

In May 2021 development began on one of the first full spectrum price comparison services in the US.

Based on a UK model The Comparison Company has one of the largest selections of home utility prices available anywhere in the US. The platform makes it easy for anyone to compare utility prices and has saved money for residents across the country.

As happens so often with early stage ventures, we gather that the successful build came on the back of more than a few mistakes both in hiring and in resource development prior to May 2021.

However what exists today is a highly adaptable, scalable and relevant tool; aspects of which can be deployed into any market. We feel this is especially relevant at a time when saving money matters even more than normal.

No part of the platform existed before May 2021 but the new technology and brand of The Comparison Company fit extremely well within the long term strategic vision for Dallas Inc.

The goal is to maintain and build the brand surrounding The Comparison Company, but additionally, to reallocate the technology built over the past 18 months under new brand banners, in new languages and in new markets.

We make this strategic acquisition to bring The Comparison Company into the Dallas Inc family and it will feature as a valuable offering in our technology portfolio. Dallas Inc will also be offering the marketplace under license and for sale to existing and future customers.

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