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How To Hire A Business Development Person For Your Startup/Business?

Continually enhancing your company is one approach to staying in the lead. Business development is essential to long-term success, whether growing your social network or discovering novel ways to boost revenue. To make those business ideas a reality, you'll need a business development person. Before thinking about how to hire a business development person, you must know why and what role does a business development executive play.

Do I need to employ a business development person?

It's clear that this is not a unique question to consulting and professional services, but it is one that organizations face differently than a start-up or early-stage business considering its first sales recruit.

But the correct answer is you could be prepared to hire a business development person if your company is expanding. Every business owner eventually needs to let go of the reins on new business and client relationships so they may handle overall strategy. Here are our recommendations for selecting the best business development manager for your organization.

Roles and responsibilities of a business development person

A business development person, or you can also say a business development manager, acts as your company's connector. In order to widen your network of connections, they serve as your Center Of Influence (COI). They network with other COIs and business owners. They will inevitably market your company as they engage in conversations and occasionally clinch a deal, but their main purpose is to draw customers to your establishment. Business development managers assist in ensuring that a steady stream of qualified leads enters your sales funnel.

Let's now get into the specifics of business development.

  • Business development managers should do more for your company than serve as a COI. Yes, they need to build relationships with potential customers and maintain those they already have.

  • They should identify the perfect customers for your company and convince current customers to purchase additional goods or services. But they ought to be in charge of far more.

  • Business development managers must comprehend the goods and services offered by your company, as well as the developments in the market and its competitors.

  • Your business development manager should be active in market research, new market opportunity identification, lead generation, follow-up, and conversational engagement. They ought to work closely with your marketing and sales staff to develop winning methods.

  • Additionally, they want to establish connections with COIs serving comparable consumers.

What qualifications and qualities must a business development manager possess?

The first qualities you should consider when trying to employ an excellent business development manager are whether or not they are likable and reliable. These two qualities must be present in a business development manager candidate.

Regarding skill sets, the following list of abilities is suggested for your company when employing a business development manager:

  • Organizing abilities

  • Talents in communication

  • Technical expertise

  • Personality traits

  • Collaboration and problem-solving abilities & negotiation skills

  • Skills in analysis and business writing

  • Creative abilities


In addition, you should seek someone who is familiar with your industry as well as business in general. You need someone who is knowledgeable about consumer behavior, follows current events, and has a strong sense of branding and marketing. Getting to know about business strategies, target marketing, branding work, customer acquiring techniques, etc., is essential for you as well as your business development person.

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