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Global Entrepreneurship Week Fort Worth 2021: Back from burnout!

We were really honored to be asked to host a panel session at GEW Fort Worth.

We chose to speak about one of THE most important topics that we think affects entrepreneurs today.

Charlie Lass - Global Entrepreneurship Week Fort Worth

“Back from Burnout” is a session designed to bring the conversation about mental health and exhaustion into a daily discussion. We want to destigmatize the challenges and realities that cause so much pain and grief in the start-up world.

It’s NOT easy, and it’s NOT quick but it can be rewarding.

Our panelists were awesome and responded to Charlie's moderator questions with extremely honest insights.

We think it's time we all were a bit more open and honest about stress, anxiety, substance abuse, and mental health, particularly within the entrepreneurial community.

We’re here if anyone needs to talk.

Dallas Inc - Back from Burnout

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