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Full steam ahead: State of Entrepreneurship Dallas 2021

We have always been huge supporters of the Dallas Entrepreneur Center, (DEC) and it was only two weeks ago that we were asked to participate as the lead sponsor for the first event out of lockdown. We’re honored to be able to step up and support the ecosystem, plus show off what we’ve been working on!

Charlie Lass - DEC- State Of Entrepreneurship - Dallas Inc

The concept behind the State of Entrepreneurship event is for us to reflect on the progress within our community and ecosystem over the past year.

It has been incredibly hard for us all to do that when we've not been able to connect in person However, the event showed us that Dallas is thriving. With more VC investment than ever before, and more entrepreneurs entering the industry.

Dallas Inc came about specifically for this event. The process that we've developed over the past nearly 17 years has been refined and formalized as this new organization. What started as a branding exercise for the event is now a full-blown consultancy. Nothing proves better that we can launch anything in 30 days than doing it so publicly.

We’ve no idea yet how the community and the market will respond to our new offering. But we’re excited to find out. We also offered $100,000 of startup support to someone in the audience and we're delighted to announce this next week.

Charlie Lass - Rising Entrepreneur of the Year award

The event was a huge success for us and whether it's controversial or not, doesn't matter; Charlie took home the Rising Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Some might consider it controversial for the sponsor of the event to also win an award but we think it's just good manners.

Thank you to all the voters. It really was a tremendous event.

Thank you all for a great evening!

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