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Dallas Inc. announces the beta launch of the

The Texas Energy Market is a new and transparent way for businesses to buy their energy (TEM) was born out of a desire to help businesses save money on escalating costs and to finally know for certain that they are getting the right deal.

During the course of 2022 Dallas Inc has completed negotiations to acquire a well established price comparison platform called The Comparison Company.

The technology behind The Comparison Company began in May 2021, now offering a huge range of residential utility prices.

The platform joins the growing technology and brand portfolio at Dallas Inc. Combining the brand of TEM with this technology means we’re now able to offer commercial energy price comparison.

The energy market in Texas has a unique structure and as a result, unique challenges. Of the more than 150 providers, most are owned by just a handful of well known brands.

Under different brands, they sell what is arguably the most homogenous product possible, creating the ILLUSION of choice.

It is our goal to use our significant experience in launching price comparison and energy related platforms, to greatly improve the transparency of the Texas energy market

The agreement to acquire The Comparison Company was announced last week. Development to apply the powerful in-house technology in this new market began some time ago.

The Texas energy market will continue to grow and we will continue to learn. Our focus will remain on providing transparent prices and a simple process for Texas business owners.

Our goal is to be seen as being ubiquitous and to be the default choice for energy buying.

In time, we want to allocate a significant proportion of our revenue to supporting local business and local Texas causes.

At this point, there are no plans to expand outside of Texas. Instead, our next iteration will be residential prices, coming as soon as possible, and ensuring that all Texans can benefit from a transparent and fair Texas Energy Market.

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