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Dallas Inc - Biosxan


An unbiased, independent, international registry to show proof of the steps taken to protect oneself.

App & Web


The Biosxan mobile application provides users with the ability to store COVID compliance data in an immutable data store. It allows users to record their vaccination status and prove it on demand through a unique QR code mechanism. Businesses can demonstrate regulatory compliance for users to review. It also provides a location-based map to show users validated business enterprises within their locality.

Dallas Inc - Biosxan Motion Logo.gif

Biosxan's logo features twenty four spokes to designate each hour of the day and twelve outer spokes to mark the months of the year. The straight lines evoke seriousness and stability, and the circle signifies care and protection while the Salem Green symbol symbolizes life and health.

Visually, to stay away from medical and technological colors we opted for calmer off-white with a dash of Salem Green in the app to invoke a subtle, understated, organic look and feel. Approachable, reassuring, and yet serious about the situation.

Dallas Inc - Case Study Biosxan
Dallas Inc - Case Study - Biosxan

The final product is a simple, safe and, secure mobile application that is scalable, resilient, and optimized for excellent performance. Overall the app delivers a top-notch user experience to a global audience.

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